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In Ecclesiastes 4: 9, 10 and 12 it says, “ Two are better than one because they have a good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!  Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. But a cord of three strands is not easily broken.” Bruce and I have found that at Reign Homeschooling Academy, God, family and education come together to create those three stands that are no easily torn apart. As you speak to Mr. and Mrs. Myers you quickly identify that they are committed to offering a Christ centered , compassionate and quality education.  They are very passionate about enriching the lives of all who enter into their lives with an unconditional love and devotion. That devotion is passionately poured out on to the whole family unit.  The parents, students, siblings and grandparents are all offered unwavering  support . This support goes far beyond any other  form of education that we have  ever experienced.  God, family and  the extended hands at Reign Homeschooling Academy are three strands that are intertwined so tightly that they will not easily be broken. Mr. and Mrs. Myers surround their students with an environment that is worshipful, joyful and educationally challenging. The schedule begins with worship, bible studies and then they march forward to their  individualized educational schedule for the day.   As the lessons are taught and the work is done there is much joy and encouragement flowing through the classroom. Where there is a tear, there is an encouraging word. Where there is frustration there is patience. As you observe a child being angry, you see Godly instruction. Following the hard work in the class is a athletic and playful event for the day! Reign Homeschooling Academy is a little piece of heaven where each student is blessed with the firmness , tenderness and the joy of Christ! Bruce and I have been inspired to pick up , the  pace and to get actively involved with the heart beat of this academy. The Myers have set the pace to reach out to our community to unite God, family and education. Our children are also thrilled to follow us in supporting this burden and to be a recipient of the  quality education that is given at this homeschooling academy. They are being equipped to contribute their God given gifts, talents, and educational skills to make a difference in this world for Christ! We are blessed that Reign Homeschooling Academy has opened up their doors to our community!  Now when we are weak, we are strong because we have the God fearing wisdom, love and counsel to guide us in our journey of educating our children. Our family is so grateful that our paths have crossed with the Myers! We have found arms opened wide and minds full of so much Godly wisdom that will forever impact our family’s lives. We are now surrounded by teachers that are fully equipped to help educate both our ESE and gifted children.  The Holy Bible says that where there is no vision the people perish.  Now we have a Christ- centered, educational plan that will benefit the future of all our children. A path that where God, family and education come together to create a cord of three strands that will not easily be broken! - Bruce and Dana Robbins, Parents

Bruce and Dana Robbins | Parents

As Parents of soon to be three children we know that their education is a detrimental factor to their future. As God fearing parents we understand how important it is to incorporate a spiritual aspect to this learning experience. That is why we give God the glory for allowing us to meet Kevin and Deon Myers and enrolling our two sons into Reign Homeschooling Academy. Every parent would love to have a one on one learning format for their children which can’t be found in our current public schooling system.  It has been a blessing to find a school with a low teacher to student ratio, God-centered environment, and still maintain the traditional aspects of public schools. We would just like to say thank you first and foremost to the Lord and to Mr. and Mrs. Myers for their dedication towards wanting to make a difference in education.

Delson and Amanda Jeanvilma | Parents

When Kevin and Deon told me they were opening Reign Homeschooling Academy, I was initially concerned that it sounded like an impossible feat to home school outside the home and that it would be expensive to do so. Over the past four months I have been reminded that God says differently about conquering seemingly impossible things, especially when the aim is to glorify Him. My plan was to home school my children, although after dabbling in some Pre-K work with my daughter, I quickly learned that it takes a very special gift and grace to educate children. When I became a single mom, homeschooling was simply not an option and I just assumed that we would just make the best of public schools. Reign Homeschooling Academy has raised the bar on my children’s education while being reasonably priced. It is much more than a school or community, it is in every way more like a family. The children here are not simply learning according to their grade level;, they are being led into the destiny that God has already planned out for them. They learn a Bible verse a week, and not just by memory; they live the verse out and get a deep knowledge of who God is and what He says about them. Reign Homeschooling Academy has offered me and my children hope that they will absolutely will reach all their dreams and destinies.

Kelly Forrester | Parents

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